what shoes does Steph curry wear?

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what shoes does Steph curry wear
what shoes does Steph curry wear

One of the best basketball players, Stephen Curry has been well known by the world due to his achievement as greatest shooter in NBA. Not only Known for his basketball skills, he also becomes one of the best inspiring people for his positive attitude and self-drive such. Inscribing a bible verse on his sneakers “I can do all things” get many attention from his supporters and discuss by many people especially in America.

Stephen Curry always wears sneaker from one of the best companies called Under Armor that received a good review from the people who have bought them. Stephen has a deal with this company by releasing exclusive design sneakers inspired by the talented person like Stephen. The company knows well about the perfect size and fit for basketball players because the design of the sneakers can give people experience on what the perfect basketball shoes should look and feel like.

However, before Stephen signature the sneaker from this brand, he experienced wearing Nike sneakers for years. It’s not about what the best brand should basketball players wear, but more like how perfect and comfortable the players wear the sneakers beside the quality of the brand and the material they use.

Are you curious what shoes does Steph curry wear? Here are the list shoes that he wear;

  • Under Armor Curry two PE

This type of sneaker is absolutely stunning and perfect for basket ball, that’s why curry wore this sneaker with his initial embroidered on the tongue to a game againts thunder in 2016.

  • Under Armor Curry Two Low Cut

This sneaker is the second edition of under armor Stephen curry partnership brand company. Not only the sneaker is very comfortable to wear but also made with speed form technology which is stable, fit and snug. This sneaker has red-black color with perfect style and design.

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