Top 3 Mason Margielas Shoesfor Men in 2017

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  1. Mason Margiela Camouflage Leather Sneaker

The Mason Margiela Camouflage Leather Sneaker is the common leather sneaker produced by Mason Margiela. However, the thing that makes the Mason Margielas shoesbecome quite popular is the olive green and abstract camouflage design combined with leather as the shoe’s cover. This shoe has around 30mm of the midsole with black texture. The sole is purely made with high-quality rubber in Italy. The toe is round-shape with collar and padded tongue with logo attached on it. If you like walking in full style, then it is perfect for you.

That is the short review about the top 3 Mason Margielas shoes for men in 2017. The Mason Margiela might come with a little expensive rather than the common shoes, but it offers high-quality shoes. Most of the shoes produced by Mason Margielamight cost you but it truly will not disappoint you. If you have a little extra cash and looking for a shoe, then it is better for you to spend for Mason Margiela brand.


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