Top 3 Mason Margielas Shoesfor Men in 2017

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Mason Margielas shoes
Mason Margielas shoes
Have you ever heard the brand of Mason Margiela? Some of you might already familiar with that name, but some of you might not. Actually, Mason Margielas is quite a popular brand that produced several items, such as clothing, trousers, hat, and even shoes. The popular item of Mason Margiela is the shoes, which a lot of people bought the Mason Margielas shoes due to its high-quality.

Now, there will be a short review about the top 3 Mason Margielas shoes for men in 2017. If you want to know what kind of shoes that most worn and most bought by people, then you might want to read more below. It will give you the needed information related to the popular shoes of Mason Margielas in 2017.

  1. Mason Margiela Thick-Sole Leather Sneakers

This Mason Margielas item is quite popular and can be called as the most wanted shoe of Mason Margielas in 2017. It has black and red leather color with the addition of thick sole of high-top sneakers. It has rounded toe with the logo at the padded tongue area. This shoe has 45 mm of midsole fully made from rubber. The lace of this Mason Margiela’s shoe comes with black color and the styles are lace up. If you look for a shoe for men that come with a great model, then this shoe might best for you.

  1. Mason Margiela Men’s Leather & Suede Sneaker

This Mason Margiela shoe is made with black colored leather with the addition of grey colored suede. Not only that, it has a paint splatter design in the finger area of the shoes. This shoe has approximately 30mm midsole with rounded toe model. The Mason Margiela logo is located on the tongue. The shoe is fully made with black leather with the addition of grey. The lace of this shoe is a lace up model with a beige color. This is a perfect shoe for you who love classic.

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