The Review of Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 Cross Training Shoes

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Nike women's free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 cross training shoes
Nike women’s free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 cross training shoes
Who does not know the Nike brand? Nike is a very popular brand that you can find almost at every store, especially sports station and sneaker store. Yes, Nike is very well known among the world for its shoes. Almost all the shoes in this world are designed and produced by Nike, from soccer shoes, running shoes to the casual sneaker.

One of the Nike shoes that are unique to be made is the Nike women training shoes. There are lots of training shoes, but few are designed and produced specifically for women. Nike comes with an option to produce the training shoes made specifically for women. It might not as popular as the man training shoes, but most of the Nike training shoes for women is sold quite a lot at the market.

  • Nike Women Training Shoes

One of the women training shoes produced and sold by Nike is the Nike women’s free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 cross training shoes. It is a very popular and most sold out shoes in the sports station. So, what makes this shoe becomes one of the popular Nike women’s training shoes? Read more below if you want to know the reason why, as we will review the reason why this shoe is very popular among women nowadays.

  •  Shoe’s Durability

The Nike women free 5.0 is equipped with the pods made with rubber at the heel side, insole and outsole of the shoes. It creates great traction to the shoes, with the addition of higher durability. Thus, it makes the sole of this shoe hold longer while being used either indoor or outdoor

  • Shoe’s Weight

The Nike women free 5.0 has a super light weight. You can feel it when you wore it because this shoe relies on the air ventilation to let the feet strong when stepping. It was made with light rubber and light soles to make the wearer comfortable.

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