The Review of Nike Boys Grade School Free 5.0 Running Shoe

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  • Shoe’s Weight

Since this shoe is designed for the school boys, then the material, which is mesh, used for this shoe is very light. It is because the shoe is designed to make the wearer comfortable and flexible when walking or running with this shoe.

  • Shoe’s Design

The Nike boys 5.0 running shoes are designed with light mesh, with some holes ventilation added to let the wind enter and cool the feet while walking to avoid sweating at your feet. This shoe also uses dynamic flywire, which added flexibility and increase the durability when walking with this shoe. Furthermore, the pattern in this shoe also reflect the modern and up-to-date design nowadays

  • Shoe’s Durability

Since this shoe was made with mesh, the durability of the shoe was proven. The mesh will absorb any damage impacted in the sole and middle area of the shoe. Thus, it is the perfect shoe for a long time plan.

That is the simple and short review about the Nike boys running shoe produced by Nike. Honestly, this shoe is a perfect shoe for every occasion for boys, either indoor or outdoor environment. If you have a boy that and want to style him with a shoe, then it is recommended to get this one.

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