The Newly Released Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes in 2017

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Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes
Nike Freek Wrestling Shoes

The Nike Freek is the new shoe model specialized for wrestling that just been released. Since its release, the Nike Freek model has already been searched by people at any age. Even though it was specialized for wrestling, it can be a casual shoe too due to its styles. Now, we will give you the information of the newly released Nike Freek wrestling shoes in 2017. So, if you are interested in the Nike Freek shoes, you might want to read more below.

1. Nike Freek Unlimited Wrestling Shoe

The Nike Freek “Unlimited” is one of the Nike Freek wrestling shoes that has been released in 2017. It was named “Unlimited” due to the purpose of the shoe that offers unlimited potential for the athletes. The Nike Freek Unlimited is considered as one of the best wrestling shoes released by Nike. It has the flexible sole that made from the articulated material. There are several ventilation in the outsole area of the shoes to manage the temperature in the shoe and prevent sweating when wearing the Nike Freek Unlimited. Furthermore, the leather made for this shoe is the synthetic material that increases the durability of the shoe but has a lighter weight than the standard leather. At the online shop, you can get the Nike Freek Unlimited for $140.00.

2. Nike Freek Navy Wrestling Shoe

Another popular wrestling shoe by Nike is the Nike Freek Navy wrestling shoe. Released with several colors addition in 2017, Nike Freek Navy quickly becomes people’s favorite in terms of a wrestling shoe. Identical with the Nike Freek Unlimited, the Nike Freek Navy is made with synthetic leather as the material that provides the shoes with high durability and yet quite light, which improves the stability of the user. Moreover, the Nike Freek Navy also has Velcro lace management systems, which assist you to compact with the school regulations. So, you do not have to worry about breaking the school’s regulation when wearing this shoe. If you want to own the Nike Freek Navy wrestling shoe, you have to pay $125.00 per pair.

3. Nike Freek Premium Wrestling Shoe

Looking for a wrestling shoe that comes with an affordable price but still making you looks good? Then you might want to own the Nike Freek Premium Wrestling shoe. Like its name, the Nike Freek Premium shoe offers you an excellent quality shoe with excellent design. The design is very simple and based on the popular modern styles. Furthermore, the flexible outsoles of the shoes allow you to easily move and avoid sweating feet. The TPU at the forefoot also increase your traction and improve your stability when wearing this shoe. The Nike Freek Premium wrestling shoe cost you $120.00 per pair, and that is considered as a cheap price for a great quality wrestling shoe nowadays.

Well, those are the newly released Nike Freek wrestling shoes in 2017. The 3 Nike Freek shoes mentioned above are considered as the popular Nike Freeks shoes that were released in 2017 because even though those are new shoes, the people already looking to own it. If you are interested, just buy it online or at the nearest sports stations.


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