Stephen Curry Wears Bible Versed during NBA Games

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Stephen Curry’s bible versed
Stephen Curry’s bible versed

Wardell Stephen Curry or people usually call him as Stephen Curry. A famous point guard who plays for Golden State Warriors. On his last game at NBA, media saw that Stephen Curry put his favorite bible verse, Philippians 4:13, under his Nike Armour shoes. There was rumor saying that Nike would not allow him to put such verse under the shoes but fortunately the claim false

The key players for the Warriors, who have been two-time MVP, said that his faith to Jesus always been his power through his games. He put bible verse under his shoes as his charm. He actually put two bible verses, first from Philippians 4:13 and the other was Romans 8:28. He signed it by himself.

Curry always share about putting bible verses to others through his social media like twitter. He even asked his followers about their chosen bible verse while he already shared his. In his chosen bible verse Philippians 4:13 which states, “”I can do all things through Christ” , he stated that Christ is his power through all heavy games that he has to face.

Stephen Curry’s bible versed shoes named the 3ZerO. These shoes hold outsole feature design with Golden Gate Bridge suspensions cables along with full spelling “TCC”,stand for “Trust, Commitment, Care.” Under his shoes, there will be a noticeable bible verse from Philippians 4:13, a charm for his outgoing careers and games.

The shoes tech, 3ZerO was specifically designed with the Curry’s ankle braces. The collar that provided is use for wrapping the heel and tightens up the ankles up. Stephen Curry himself love his 3ZerO shoes, he always gives his positive feedbacks to all his shoes. For each of his shoes, Curry always put a bible verse on it. Hopefully the verse can enlighten and give spirits to other people including his fans. For Curry, it is not just about putting the verse, but there is something that more than the verse; the meaning. As already mentioned that he hopes the verse can give inspirations to other people. Not just inspirations actually, but also something (power or maybe will) to driven someone for doing something for not just a thing but more than that.

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