Stephan Curry Shoes: Reviews of Curry Line

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Stephan Curry shoes
Stephan Curry shoes
The Stephan Curry shoes from Under Armour have become a big talk in basketball footwear. From the first line, curry 1 until the most recent one curry 3 they are all making big issues. However, if you just heard of curry line, then you need to know more about them.

Curry 1 and curry 2 claimed to be well sold but curry 3 rumored not to be well sold. If you are curious about their performance on the court, here we have the reviews of three of them. Let’s take a look at it one by one.

  1. Under Armour Curry 1

This is the first ever signature shoe from Stephan Curry. This shoe offers many great qualifications for the best performance. New technologies featured on these shoes like Anafoam and charged cushioning.

Their cushioning is sure one of the best cushioning out there. Another great feature for an extra comfort is the existence of adaptive foam. It feels soft when you stand but surprisingly firmer and responsive when you make your move. The Anafoam feature also offers a great deal of extra support as well as the stability of the upper.

Traction is good. You can make a move, turn, stop without any problem. With its new technologies, Curry 1 deserves a place on your shelf. Great cushioning and fit responsive and comfortable are all at once!

  1. Under Armour Curry 2

The materials of the front part and the back part of this shoe made from different ones. The front part made from synthetic which offers solid support but still comfortable and has a good breathability. While the back side made from Speedform which is a soft fabric with nice comfort feeling. However, the back side somehow turns into a great issue for some players. Since the material of it doesn’t stiff enough so it is lacking in support and also a poor lockdown.

Cushioning is still the same with the Curry 1, charged cushioning. However, the cushioning is more plushy, so an issue may form if the user is on the bigger size since it is not bouncy enough. For a lighter player, this won’t be an issue.

The traction and fit are the greatest things this shoe can offer! An excellent level of a traction, you don’t have to worry about having a slip. You can also feel the connection with the court. The support is just average. It is good but lacking in the support from the back part since the material is not very firm and supportive that may lead into unstable movements.

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