How to choose the Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes

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Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes
Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes
It is really important to choose the most comfortable tennis shoes to support your flexibility when playing tennis. This also becomes a key to the success of your tennis competition to become a champion. If you feel comfortable when you jump and smash the ball, you must be thankful for your shoes. But, you can only get this benefit if only you choose the best tennis shoes. So, you may read these following tips on choosing a comfortable pair of shoes for you.

Tips on Choosing the Most Comfortable Tennis Shoes

  • Choose Your Foot Type and Shoe Fit

Before you buy a pair of tennis shoes, you slightly need to determine the type of foot you have. There are three types of the foot that anybody may have such as neutral, overpronator, and under-pronator. Overpronator tends to have larger soles while the neutral type has a moderate space and the underpronator has deeper soles. If you want to know your type of foot, then you can try “wet test”.

  • Choose the Best Cushioning Material

There are two basic materials that are used to build tennis shoes. The first is PU cushion that is considered to be more stable and durable, but it is a bit heavy. Meanwhile, the second is the EVA cushioning that is known to be more flexible and lightweight, but it is not too durable and stable. So, it is your decision to pick your tennis shoes with different cushioning material type. You can choose the EVA cushion if you want flexibility or PU cushion if you want durability and stability.

  • Consider the Size of the Shoes

All in all, when you purchase a pair of shoes, you apparently need to choose according to your foot size. Even though the shoes are made from lightweight material, it will be uncomfortable if it does not fit your foot. You may tie the shoelace up but it is still uncomfortable because you cannot feel the shoes completely. Therefore, you have to know the exact size of your foot before purchasing a pair of tennis shoes online.

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