Gravity Defyer’s Best-Selling: Gravity Defyer Shoes Review

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Gravity Defyer shoes review
Gravity Defyer shoes review

Gravity Defyer is one of the footwear companies which has a great reputation in the world. They are known for their comfortable shoes with excellent quality of materials. Many of their customers leave positive reviews on the shoes they buy.

According to the web, Gravity Defyer also has several of their best-selling shoes. We have gathered their best selling shoes as well as the reviews on each of them to give it to you. We picked three of their best selling shoes for men and women to be briefly explained and reviewed here. Let’s take a look at our Gravity Defyer shoes review.

Gravity Defyer Best Selling Shoes for Men

  1. Men’s G-Defy Super Walk Shoes

Number one best selling shoes from Gravity Defyer is G-Defy Super Walk. These shoes are nicely reviewed by its owners. Made with good materials these shoes are perfect for a distance walk. With VS2 feature, it helps you absorb shock three times stronger. They also claim to be durable.

  1. Men’s Extra II Athletic Shoes

If you have quite sensitive feet, you might want to consider these dudes over here. Extra II Athletic Shoes by Gravity Defyer claims to be durable and comfortable for its users. They are great for people with wide toe box and sensitive feet. Based on the reviews they are good in absorbing shock as well as lessen the pain on your knee, hip or even your back. But some people also say that these shoes don’t last that long.

  1. Men’s G-Defy Scossa Shoes

If you have plantar fasciitis issue, these shoes are perfect for you. With comfort cushioning and microfiber on the footbed, they are super comfortable shoes. Microfiber keeps your foot fresh and cool during your training. If you have pain issues, you definitely need to check these guys out. Many reviews say that their pain is reduced the time they use these shoes.

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