Facts About Justfab Shoe App

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Justfab shoe app
Justfab shoe app
Who does not know one of the biggest fashion industry called “Justfab”? You must be familiar with this brand which carries a selection of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim. This app offers various shoes with elegant design with affordable price. This company was founded by American designer Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in March 2010 where has been noticed by many costumes. Recently, Justfab has just launched an application called Justfab shoe app where consumers can be able to experience premium online shop with selective shoes provided. But, do you know how this company has got so many attention only for 7 years? Wha’s so special about this brand? Here are the facts about Justfab shoe app and how the company has stolen the consumers :
  • Justfab is being called as scam

In 2015, people think that American celebrity called Kate Hudson wore fashion from scam company called Justfab where it was the first attention that made people know about this company. Justfab offered discounted Fabletics and several other fashion retailers including  Kim Kardashian’s affiliated shoe dazzle that operates on a member basis. Members receive discounted apparel through subscription where you can get cheaper Fabletics fashion added with some bonuses of its celebrity endorsement. People think that there is no way to buy a pair of boots only about 40$ where after all you will get a discount too. Most of the consumers might be not really sure to buy things from this brand and doubt about the quality of the brand. But, this is a new model that they provide to make sure the consumers join subscription as one of their biggest method to sell the products.

  • VIP members

Subscribers or called VIP Members can buy the brand’s entire offerings including selections curated from the preferences of their style. However, members will be charged at the beginning of every month if they will not buy any products. But it’s not that you have to buy everything from this brand every month, there is also an option to skip to the next month so you will not be charged at all. This is the new kind of model to have a relationship with the consumers for very long time. By downloading the app then you will directly be asked to sign up for VIP members.

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