7 Best Running Shoes Recommendations from Under Armor Women Shoes

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under armor women shoes
under armor women shoes
Having a pair of good running shoes is a must if you are quite a runner. Good quality of running shoes will help you get a comfortable and secure running. Good running shoes should be lightweight and give you comfortable support the time you wear it. There are many footwear and apparel companies develop great quality of running shoes including Under Armor.

Under Armor is an American apparel company that started their business in 1996. The person behind this well-known brand is Kevin Plank. He started his business the first time in his grandmother’s basement in Washington, D.C. but then he moved to Baltimore to develop his company. Here are some of our picks on under armor women shoes.

  1. Under Armor Speedform Gemini 2

First of our picks on under armor women shoes is Speedform Gemini 2. Many customers already review these shoes. Its pretty appearance and quite a lot of color options are one of their good aspects. Many also say that these shoes are breathable and comfortable for daily running. These shoes also give you a good support.

  1. Under Armor Speedform Gemini 3

The upgrade version of Speedform Gemini 2 gives you a comfort running activity. These shoes are not heavy based on some reviews. It has good air circulations to keep your foot dry and cool as well as a responsive cushion, which is very comfortable to use. These shoes are perfect for daily running on a normal road.

  1. Under Armor Micro G Assert 6

If you do not like catchy shoes, Under Armor’s Micro G Assert 6 are the shoes to get. Its appearance is very basic. Means that it is not flashy and not too plain at the same time. It is well known for its durability and good traction.

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