6 Stores That Buy Used Shoes

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stores that buy used shoes
stores that buy used shoes
Do you have a bunch of old shoes that you are not using anymore? Keeping them sometimes use much space of your room, right? Why not sell to the people who seem interested in your shoes? well, selling shoes can be beneficial for you especially if your shoes are from branded trade mark with good quality that can, of course, earn a dime. Here are the recommended lists of stores that buy used shoes to help you to sell your old shoes:

1. Pawnguru app

Pawnguru helps you to find a nearby buyer candidate to buy your shoes easily, fastly and simple. Just take pictures of your shoes that you want to sell, and this app will help you to find buyers nearby. The buyers will instantly receive notification from the new listing of the products. So, it’s an interesting app that you should try to sell your used shoes or even other clothes like a shirt, Tshirt, and other stuff that you are not using anymore.

2. Materialworld.com

This is a cool website to sell your used shoes everytime you want. Just simply select which items you want to sell using its pricing estimator. You fill out the form requests their free-trade, you will receive an instant quote and send your items you want to sell.

3. Poshmark

This is the website that you can use to sell or buy or even throw online shopping parties with your friends. Just simply take pictures of your items to sell, and then you will get notification of pre-paid from the one who interested to buy your items before you ship. However, this website will cut about 20% fee from your earning.

4. Refashioner

It’s an app to simply sell your old shoes by swapping with a community. Like other websites, you can upload the pictures of items you want to sell and then send it to your community. Might be some of them would be interested to buy your stuff and send the money to you.

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