5 Shoes With Good Arch Support for Your Sorry Feet

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shoes with good arch support
shoes with good arch support

Do you feel some pain when you walk around with your shoes? Does the back of your feet feel tired sometimes? That probably happens because your shoes don’t have good arch support. The arch support itself is a pattern on the heels of the outsole that will add more comfort to your fascia ligaments. Usually, not all shoes have good arch support, but this is very important since it has motion control that will correct your proper walking motion. In this article, we will give you 5 suggestions of shoes with good arch support that you certainly would love.

  1. Brook Addiction Walker

Brook addiction walker is one of the shoes with good arch support that probably has the highest rate. With fine workmanship on the design and material, the shoe has also added some strong support and slip-resistant sole that makes this shoe easy to put in many situations. The leather design also can make this shoe look like casual but can be used for running as well.

  1. New Balance MW928 Walking Shoe

From one of the new balance’s 920 series, the addition of new balance MW928 is quite anticipated. With features such as maximum stability and motion control, this shoe has a great midsole to your feet. This shoe is sturdy fit for those who need to stand for a long time with upper leather and nice insole.

  1. Asics GEL-Tech Walker Neo

Asics GEL-Tech Walker neo is a sporty sneaker that has 2 middle sole systems to enhance the balance and the stability of your stance. This shoe is recommended for those who suffer pain because of the heal and even certified by the APMA. The pros of this shoe are its light material, good arch support, and a pretty sports design to boot.

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