5 G-Eazy’s Shoes That Can Become Your Favorite

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G-EAZY shoes
G-EAZY shoes

Men love casual and simplicity in their style, and so is the rapper G-Eazy. Known as a rapper with fashion sense, this popular rapper has shown some big interest in kicks. Want to know his 5 G-EAZY shoes this year? Let’s check it out!

1. Air Jordan 1 “Banned”

One of the most anticipated shoes in 2016, Air Jordan 1 “Banned” was one of the most and catch the heart of many shoe lover out there.

G-Eazy said on one of his interview with nicekicks that he was into this shoes so much and currently wearing this series these days.

2. Vans Authentic Black

Vans has always been the favorite brand for skaters and nonskaters alike because of it comfortable and classic design. Much more, Vans authentic has been the “must-have” item shoes for students as well as it pretty match with any casual looks. G-Eazy is also one of the vans’ lovers who found the convenience design and material to be very helpful to keep his style in touch.

“I like the Authentics. It’s just beautiful, and it’s really simple. Straight up, just all-black Vans.

3. Air Jordan 1 “Shadow”

The shoes that released over 2013 ago was totally loved by G-Eazy. Despite being an old product and all, this shoe it’s pretty edgy stylish to wear. With the combination of black and grey, the shoes have become one of the most anticipated shoes as well as its new collection release that will happen in 2018.

4. Common Project Achilles Low

As quoted from the G-Eazy list of fave shoes in his interview recently. It seems that he is into black shoes. Another black collection that comes from the common project brands seems to be one of his choices in this matter. Designed to be simple with superb material, common project Achilles low series makes you look mature and stylish at the same time.

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