4 Popular Tennis Shoe Boots for Women in 2017

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tennis shoe boots for women
tennis shoe boots for women
Tennis is very popular sports among women. There are lots of women who play tennis, either as a hobby or even as work. One of the gears that play important role in tennis is the tennis shoe boots. Today, we will review about the 4 popular tennis shoe boots for women in 2017. If you need the tennis shoe for women, then read more below to obtain the information
  1. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

One of the most popular tennis shoe boots for women is the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5. Wilson is quite popular among the tennis player since it has produced lots of tennis shoe boots. Women who have already worn the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 stated that this shoe is very comfortable when worn in the field. The insoles of the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 provide resistance in keeping the moisture away and minimize the bad smell in the shoe. There is an extra padding the ankle area, which provides good ankle assistance. To obtain this shoe, you have to pay $150

  1. New Balance 996 V3

The New Balance 996 V3 is the improvement of the 996V2. The New Balance 996 V3 is made with knitted nylon in the upper area and covered through the shoe’s upper side. The toe area also gives comfortability and great endurance by giving winds to keep the feet cool. The heel area is given a padding to support the wearer when stepping, and the outsoles that improved the stability of the wearer when moving. You only need to pay for $130 to get a pair of New Balance 996 V3.

  1. Adidas Barricade Boost

It is not a surprise that Adidas provided great gear for tennis by releasing the tennis shoe boots for women, called the Adidas Barricade Boost. The Adidas Barricade Boost is made with breathable material that improved the ability to protect the area that considered vulnerable in the feet. The soles of Adidas Barricade Boost provides comfortability and stability for the wearer, enhanced the skill of wearer to stand still and move freely. Overall, the Adidas Barricade Boost is quite comfortable and great gear for women to play tennis. This shoe is worth $100 and that is a very cheap price for the best shoe.

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