4 Popular Michael Jordan Shoes for Kids Nowadays

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  1. Air Jordan I

Nothing is better than the first and original Michael Jordan shoes for kids. Yes, the Air Jordan I is still wanted by most of the kids or teenagers nowadays. It is because the Air Jordan I hold the classic looks. The red, white and black design clearly refers to the color of the Chicago Bulls uniform. This Jordan shoe has quite a simple design with single tongue in between the laces. The leather also made with a simple touch of a Jordan. For you who love simplicity, then this shoe might fit your needs.

  1. Air Jordan XIII

Inspired by the panther, Michael Jordan then released his latest shoe before retiring from basketball. Thus, the Air Jordan XIII was born. The Air Jordan XIII can be sold in form of sneakers or basketball shoes, and it is quite popular among young guns today. The black and red color with the addition of paw design on the outside nubs of the sneakers, with the addition of reflecting that represent as the panther eye, the Air Jordan XIII comes with a ferocious model.

Those are the popular Michael Jordan shoes for kids nowadays. If you have or know kids that ever experience in using the Jordan shoes, feel free to share the experience below. If you interested in buying Jordan shoes for kids, be sure to select the mentioned shoes above.


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